Salman S. Ahmad, M.S.

 For his clinical psychology Ph.D. dissertation project, Salman has developed a psychoeducational workshop titled Islamic Psychology Lens on Mental health (ILM). ILM aims to address the factors that contribute to low mental health help-seeking among Muslims by discussing Islamic Psychology (i.e., Islamic teachings that contextualize mental health care, as well as historical and current models developed by Muslims) and providing general psychoeducation. Salman will be visiting Muslim communities around Florida, facilitating conversations between community members around mental health, sharing a wealth of Islamic and scientific knowledge, and providing culturally informed resources that Muslims can access. Attendees will be assessed at multiple time points to determine the impact of ILM on helping Muslims address their own mental health needs and the mental health needs of their families and communities. If ILM is found to be effective, it will be further disseminated among Muslim communities at no cost.