Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy: Uniting Faith and Professional Practice.

Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (IIP) is a modern approach or orientation to psychotherapy that integrates Islamic teachings, principles, philosophies, and/or interventions with Western therapeutic approaches. In this edited volume, scholar-practitioners in the applied field of Islamic psychology describe the various ways in which they practice this integrated form of psychotherapy (Templeton Press, 2018).

Introduction | Carrie York Al-Karam, PhD
Chapter 1: An Islamic Theoretical Orientation to Psychotherapy | Abdallah Rothman, LPC
Chapter 2: Utilization of Islamic Principles in Marital Counseling | Layla Asamarai, PsyD
Chapter 3: The HEART Method: Healthy Emotions Anchored in RasoolAllah’s Teachings: Cognitive Therapy Using Prophet Mohammed as a Psycho-Spiritual Exemplar | Farah Lodi, MA, CCC
Chapter 4: Conducting Spiritually Integrated Family Therapy with Muslim Clients Utilizing a Culturally Responsive Paradigm | Afshana Haque, PhD, LMFT-S
Chapter 5: Integrating Islamic Spirituality into Psychodynamic Therapy with Muslim Patients | Ibrahim Rüschoff, MD, and Paul M. Kaplick, BSc
Chapter 6: Family Therapy and the Use of Quranic Stories | Rabia Malik, PhD
Chapter 7: Outlining a Case Illustration of Traditional Islamically
Integrated Psychotherapy | Hooman Keshavarzi, LPC, and Fahad Khan, PsyD
Chapter 8: Marrying Islamic Principles with Western Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents: Successes and Challenges | Fyeqa Sheikh, PsyD
Chapter 9: Integrating Duaa Arafa and Other Shiite Teachings into Psychotherapy | Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, PhD

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