Paul Kaplick, MSc

Paul is an advisor to the Alkaram Institute and is currently training as a clinical neuropsychologist in a Phase B neurological rehabilitation facility in the Rhine-Main area of Germany. He has a B.Sc. in clinical psychology and an M.Sc. in cognitive neuroscience and behavioural neuropharmacology. He has co-authored various papers on preclinical models of stress-related disorders in behavioural neuroscience and believes that translational and interdisciplinary training is pivotal for state-of-the-art patient care that integrates cutting-edge research on brain-behaviour relationships. In his leisure time, Paul enjoys blending cognitive psychology and neuroscience with concepts, theories, and methods that have emerged in cultural and intellectual traditions other than the West to study the basic organisational principles of our cognitive system. He heads the Islam and Psychology research group at the Islamic Association of Social and Educational Professions in Germany and consults for the Alkaram Institute on the Islamic psychology Virtual Library project. When off work, Paul loves walking the Rheingau hillsides with his wife and son