Shaykh Hasan Awan, MD

Dr. Hasan Awan is a primary care physician of internal medicine in private practice in Baltimore, MD, who also provides services at the Islamic Society of Baltimore Free Health Clinic. He has informally studied essential Islamic legal praxis, Quranic exegesis, Hadith literature, Islamic theology, the Hikma tradition (Islamic philosophy and Sufi metaphysics) and especially Islamic spirituality/Sufism in spiritual companionship with several distinguished Islamic scholars and spiritual guides. His special areas of interest are Islamic theology, psychology, and spirituality, as well as holistic and alternative medicine, and he has applied the principles and insights of these disciplines to clinical and integrative healthcare, spiritual counseling, guided meditation, and pastoral services to local and broader Muslim communities. He describes this ongoing engagement as a practice of presence. He teaches Islamic Meditation at the Baltimore Zawiya, is a senior faculty member in the Islamic psychology program at the Alkaram Institute, and teaches at Al Balagh Academy.