Initiative on Deep Poverty

The Alkaram Institute supports the American Psychological Association’s Deep Poverty Initiative (DPI), led by APA’s current president Dr. Rosie Philips Davis. The aims of the DPI are to: 

Change attitudes and perceptions: Utilize psychological science (along with related communications science in framing and persuasion) to challenge biases, stereotypes, prejudicial attitudes, and narratives about people living in poverty that lead to discriminatory behaviors and decision making. 

Change policy: Re-frame negative poverty-related attitudes to garner political support for effective safety net and other scalable programming that benefit those living in deep poverty and mitigate ineffective/inequitable policies. 

Change practice: Build the capacity of poverty serving organizations to access and utilize psychological science to more effectively promote and implement evidence-based antipoverty programming and policies in their communities of influence.

The Alkaram Institute will explore the role religion and spirituality, and more specifically Islamic psychology, can play in addressing this problem that affects more than 18.5 million Americans. Dr. Carrie York Al-Karam serves as liaison between President Davis’ workgroup and Division 36, the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, where she also serves on the Divisions’ DPI task force. 

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