12th Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference 10-12 July 2020

Islamic Psychology and a Life Well Lived: A Discussion with Author, Editor, Scholar, and Retired Licensed Professional Counselor Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar

In this brief “fire-side chat”, Dr. Carrie York Al-Karam, president of the Alkaram Institute, interviews one of the most prolific Muslim writers of our time – Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar – who, at the wise age of 81, is also a retired licensed professional counselor. Dr. Bakhtiar discusses her experience as a counselor, including the years she practiced in the 1990s before the emergence of the fields of Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology. She also discussed her views on the field of Islamic Psychology and its place within the broader mainstream. Her clinical work lead to decades of writing and the talk will include discussion of some of those publications, including but not limited to:

  1. God’s Will Be Done. Vol. 1 Traditional Psychoethics and Personality Paradigm (1993).
  2. God’s Will Be Done: Vol. 2 Moral Healer’s Handbook (1994).
  3. God’s Will Be Done: Vol. 3 Moral Healing Through the Most Beautiful Names (1994).
  4. Rumi’s Original Sufi Enneagram (2013).
  5. Quranic Psychology of the Self: A Textbook on Islamic Moral Psychology (2019).
  6. Moses and Khidr: Consciousness Between the Two Seas of Reason and Intuition and an Analysis Based on Quranic Psychology (2019).
  7. Encyclopedia of Quranic Psychotherapy: A Manual of Healing Traditional and DSM-5 Moral Imbalances (forthcoming – 2020).